Fortnite Hack New Season – Ways to Get V Bucks

Free V Bucks fortnite new season

Great news players! Fortnite has already released their new season this 2020 and this is why we have updated our free V-Bucks hack by No Human Verification. Fortnite Battle Royale is the greatest game that is always a trend when it comes to survival game. Because of this Epic has released their new season!

When it comes to free skins and how to get free v-bucks to buy a new skin many of us wonder if there is really a working one. You will start googling for the free skins and battle passes but ended up to non working generators.

Since this new update has patched all of the other working generators we have made sure that you can still get v-bucks for free. Along with the update for the new season we have also upgraded our version of the fortnite hack.

This new release was 101% tried and tested on android, iOS, PC, Playstation, Xbox which is the greatest gaming platforms. Join the biggest community for the survival game with the best graphics and gameplay. Get your resources for free by using the fortnite hack without a survey or verification.


Basically this will be divided into different sections covering the battle pass the map and then any extra changes.

If you are looking for our old version of getting free resources check out our fortnite free v-bucks which was made previously.


Starting with the two new starter skins fade and ocean not bad it looks pretty cool and fade looks pretty sick too.

The ocean has a three styles and you can see that there is like a cool helmet and changes colors. Check out also the flipping, swimmer and they are all pretty cool.

The umbrellas this new seasn is pretty customizable and they were call Brella. The backfling, ocean weve gun skin, shark ride sound, beach bive and the many more were pretty amazing.

Not only that the dual-wield pick axes, dolhpins banner, more V-Bucks and the little emoji things were pretty sick.

All of the upgrades from the free skins to the premium skin were all pretty cool. This is all what you can get as free even if you do not have the battle pass.


The new agency is much darket and it looks like was taken over by team shadows. It has huge dam was built around to keep the water out and that is pretty amazing. There are portals, ziples and has some backgrunds music. And it is now called as the AUTHORITY. You will be amazed as well that the P90 Arena is back and there are many crazy things that is too new.

In conclusion new buildings, new skins, new free v-bucks and great skins and upgrades of items is awaiting you with the new season of fortnite.


Kinda noticed lately that there are too many v-bucks generator were being uploaded on the internet however chances of getting the working one is at lower than 1%. So here are some ways that you can try to get the free v-bucks.

This are the newest and real methods that you can use in claiming a free v bucks on your fornite account.


This is the newest thing when getting a free v-bucks and does not require battle pass. You can get 10,000 up to unlimited v-bucks however since this is too popular it has been stopped temporarily to avoid being patched.


You can enjoy getting a free V-bucks by participating in the most legit way which is the giveaways by many streamers.

Search for the newest giveaways, contest and events related to the v-bucks on the internet to start.


Not all generators or tools that you will find on the internet is working. Most of them were only a copied version of the real thing. Our unlimited V-Bucks version was one of the top working version that you can try. Hacking fortnite is never been that easy so giving at least a free v-bucks might work.


  1. Click The “Get Started Now!” to start the tool.
  2. Input your username/email address correctly on the generator.
  3. Select the desired amount of the v bucks you want to get for free.
  4. Continue to the last step to claim the v bucks on your account.


Epic has patched all of this things from AIMBOT to the fortnite V-Bucks hack however developers never sleeps. Releasing the newest versions for the fortnite hack aimbots and free unlimited v-bucks this new season is really a great help.

It is better not to use aimbots/chams/ESP as this might ruin on your account. What we can recommend is just to use your resources which is the v bucks.

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