Hero Wars Hack Free Emeralds No Survey Verification

Hero Wars Free Emeralds Hack
hero wars free emeralds hack - unlimited and working

Get Free Emeralds on your game using the latest and working Hero Wars Hack Online generator. This is a script which was coded this 2021 and fully worked on by the no human verification team.

Hero Beautiful Fantasy Battle Adventure: fight for an Ultimate power in PvP arena battles, guild wars & rpg battle campaigns

Fight for the Ultimate power in a Major War. Tame the chaos, clear the attacked by the Evil lands of Dominion. Set your rules. – It’s your world from now on! Dominate it. After that, gain the collection of the mightiest Heroes, unlock all their skills and abilities. Power them up to a level beyond attainment, experience them in PvP Arena battles, Guild wars and RPG battle campaigns – make your army invincible and win a Major War. Establish your own everlasting RPG legacy.

Dominion is waiting for its Hero! Play today and get free Emeralds on your android or iOS.

Top 6 Reasons To Download Hero Wars:

1. Dozens of unique mighty heroes with unique skills to gain and to crank up;
2. Hundreds of enemies. For instance, Bosses, Archdemons and other hellborn characters – to challenge and slay;
3. Thousands of epic multiplayer PvP Arena and Grand Arena battles to join;
4. Numerous colorful fantasy action-packed RPG battle campaigns to slake your thirst for adventures;
5. Large-scale Guild wars to prove yourself;
6. Above all, Multi-tiered ranking to immortalize your victories and legacy.

The game is also a good chance to train your own tactic and strategy playing.
Free and addictive. Be careful.

Is There A Real Working Hack for Hero Wars Game?

In order for one to get a free resources like Emeralds for the game then you will needing to work on it. The simplest thing to get the in-app purchase currency for the Hero Wars game is to purchase it directly online. However due to the high demands and requests for getting the resources 100% free, our team managed to create the Hero Wars – Hero Fantasy Multiplay Battles Hack which is totally free.


  1. Click The β€œGet Started Now” to begin generating free Emeralds on Hero Wars.
  2. After that, enter username/email of your account.
  3. Choose your desired amount of Hero Wars Emeralds.
  4. Proceed to last step.


  1. Get Unlimited Emeralds using the Online Hack Generator for Hero Wars.
  2. No need to jailbreak or root. Above all, it works on Android, iOS, Smartphone and on your PC.
  3. Easy to access because it was an online based.
  4. No download which means no risk in downloading any viruses.
  5. Anti-ban script and it is 100% undetected. In addition, real-time server based updates by the developers.

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Hero Wars is an epic fantasy MMORPG that you can play on your android or iOS. Therefore, you can lead unique heroes with a lot of skills in a lot of tactic and strategy battles. Here are the best tips & tricks that will help you gain more resources and advance faster in the game.


There’s a quest related to opening 7 chests in Outlands that seems impossible to complete because there are only 5 battles available each day.

You have to open only 3 chest every other day and leave the rest for the next day. This way you’ll be able to open 7 chests, complete the quest and earn additional 100 Outland Coins.


The tickets from the theather can be used to buy emeralds and then exchange them for energy. If you level up your top 5 heroes team first and do well in the Arena, spending 2 x 50 emeralds (240 energy in total) should keep your emeralds balance positive and contribute to your daily guild activity points.


Updating heroe’s glyphs at least once a day will guarantee you 700 guild activity points each day.

If you reach 850 guild activity points you’ll receive 20 glyphs as a reward (10×10). In addition, if you reach 1500 guild activity points you’ll receive 300 glyphs as a reward (15×20).

Even if you have plenty of glyphs at the moment think twice before spending all of them at once.
If you can’t reach 1500 guild activity points by spending energy you can also earn them by selling items that you don’t need. Start from the top of the list where are the items with the lowest quality.

Joining an active guild that reaches the maximum guild activity points each day will usually guarantee you the chance to upgrade at least one glyph a day.


If you have enough gold you’ll be able to buy EXP potion everyday to keep your top 5 team always leveled up with your team level.

If you are early in the game it is also important to buy the available items here even if you don’t need them to upgrade your heroes. These items can be exchanged for guild activity points which will guarantee you receiving glyphs.


Buying soul coins as early as possible in the game will guarantee you leveling up a hero to 6 stars in a timely manner.Once you level up one of your heroes to 6 stars, you’ll have access to a soul shop where you can exchange souls coins for items. One soul stone can be exchanged for 100 soul stone coins.

Kai, Orion, Faceless and Satori are some of the considered choices to level up to 6 stars even if they might not be in your main team or if you are not planning to use them in your main team. You can always use them in the B or C team in the Grand Arena.

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