Merge Magic Hack Free Gems No Survey

Merge Magic Hack Free Gems No Survey
Merge Magic Hack Free Gems With Proof

The newest and working Merge Magic hack for android and iOS have been released. In other words, you can now claim free Merge Magic gems for free without paying for cash. Merge Magic! is a puzzle adventure game, where players are tasked with healing a magical land, harnessing the power of creatures, solving fun puzzles and building their garden to grow their creatures. All items in the game can be matched and merged to produce unique artifacts and create a variety of effects.

Play Merge Magic in your android or iOS mobile device. Not only you can play it with your mobile but you can also play it on your PC via Bluestacks.

How does Merge Magic Hack works?

With the use of Merge Magic Generator, you can add gems to your account really fast and totally for free. Certainly, the process of hacking is done entirely by our generator. You don’t need any special knowledge. All you have to do is carefully complete all the steps:

  1. Insert your account name/ID/Email.
  2. Choose your mobile device (Android/iOS/PC)
  3. Select the number of free unlimited Gems.
  4. Click generate and wait until the process is finished.
  5. Enjoy your free gems on your merge magic account!

No Human Verification – What should I do?

If during the process you are asked for human verification – Don’t worry! It’s just another kind of verification like captcha. It’s the only place where our bot can be blocked from finishing its work. This is similar to no survey verification so you don’t need to worry about the difference.

However, please do human verification really carefully to be sure that you get your gems on your Merge Magic account instantly.

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Is it safe to use Merge Magic Hack Gems?

We guarantee that our generator is completely safe to use. Recently, we have added the Anti-Ban option to protect your account and we made a lot of tests before publishing our hack. But if you still worry about losing your account, we suggest using Merge Magic Hack many times for minimal values of gems. If you have any problems please contact our support. Our Merge Magic hack license is valid from the date of purchase 2019 until the year 2020.

Try it now before others can beat you in using this kind of tricks in Merge Magic game and will gather more free gems than you.

merge magic cheats no survey

Is there any limit for using Merge Magic cheat?

We haven’t made any limit on using our hack. You can add infinitely many gems. But don’t be too greedy.

Although we made Anti-ban protection the developer of the game may find it suspicious if you have thousands of gems on your Merge Magic account.

A word of advice, never use any Merge Magic mod APK or other similar app because it is worthless to use such tool.


Merging Five Objects at Once Can Be Better Than Merging Three Objects

You’ll quickly catch on to the game mechanics behind Merge Magic! Whenever you make your way to a new puzzle stage, keep an eye out for objects you’ve previously matched on beaten stages – take care of these matches before anything else. The same strategy applies to new objects you lay your eyes on.

Merging three or more objects of the same class leads to a higher tier of that merge type. In addition, merging three of the same objects leads to a single, high-tier match. Merging five objects of the same objects yields two high-tier matches. Try to merge every object on the stage before you attempt to finish it by fulfilling the main merging objective. That way, you can get the highest possible score on your very first stage attempt!

Evolve Your Creatures

When you merge creatures, the higher-level creatures you create you get will usually be faster, be able to complete more harvesting work and be worth more “Magic Power” in your personal garden, which helps you unlock more land. Therefore, it’s worth merging three creatures in order to create an even more powerful (and far more majestic) creature.

While interacting with your garden, you can also choose to merge creatures. It’s also possible to merge five creatures in the animal book to nab a special bonus. Complete those tough challenge levels when you’re ready to unlock some new creatures, too!

Tap Those Energy Balls as Soon as They Appear and Replay Stages to Collect Rewards

Whenever those energy balls pop up on the stage, you can thank your creatures who make it a habit of harvesting objects for them. Tapping on energy balls during regular stages helps fulfill that task.

That action also works on your personal garden, plus you’ll need to free up as much space as possible by getting rid of those energy balls and putting them to work as cursed land purifiers. If you line up identical objects near cursed land objects to create a merger, it will pull the one(s) off the cursed land to use in the merge.

By the way, check out previously beaten stages to see if a “Humble Chest” is on the menu. All you need to do is replay and complete a stage two more times in order to obtain the goodies contained with them!

Focus on Building Up Extra “Tree Houses” for Your Working Creatures

As your creatures harvest objects on your personal garden, they’ll eventually need to rest. Higher-tier creatures can handle more work, of course. But they’ll soon need to leave their harvesting responsibilities to another creature.

Be sure to have enough room left over on parts of your garden for Tree Houses – you can also merge these houses in order to create bigger ones that cut down the rest time for a creature. Your creatures’ work cycle will proceed at a much faster pace if you have a good amount of Tree Houses spread out across your garden.

You should also make room for plenty of “Coin Storage” houses to increase your gold cap. Having more well-rested creatures and coins in your garden is the way to go!

There’s an Option for “Require Overlap” for Merging in Your Personal Garden

You can turn this feature on in “Game Settings” (which is represents by the gear icon on the world map). When you’re in your personal garden, in order to merge items, you need to drag one on top of the others. This can help prevent accidental merges. Plus it’ll make it much easier for you to properly organize your custom garden.

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